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Luserna stone cladding in Bricherasio

  • One of the main areas of specialization of Italian Stone is the processing of Luserna stone. We produce both standardized and customized products depending on the specific needs of every customer that enters our doors. Luserna Stone belongs to the category of stones called metamorphic rock. The stone is extracted from quarries located in Prealpi Cozie del Piemonte between Val Pellice and Valle Po. It has been used since ancient times, mainly for the construction of buildings as well as city furnishings throughout all of Piedmont. The more artistic uses of Luserna stones include, for example, Mole Antonelliana di Turin, the collections of Racconigi, and Venaria Reale. Today the stone is popular across European as well as non-European countries. The United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and China, all have large markets for the stone. Usually the stone is processed and then divided into plates for:
  • Pavements, curbs and sidewalks
  • Staircases, risers, thresholds and door jambs, lintels and slabs for balconies
  • Slate roofs with high thermal efficiency
  • Funerary buildings
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muratura in pietra
tettoia in pietra
Pavimento e muraglione rivestiti in pietra di luserna

Stone cladding for sale

One of the main activities of Italian Stone company in Bricherasio, in the province of Turin, is the processing and sale of cladding stones for innovative aesthetic structures and configurations. Customers have their requirements met, thanks to the highest quality materials used.

Just talk to the staff of this Piedmont company to learn more about the available options. Simplify the installation of your new floors, cladding, or stone roof. Contact Italian Stone and request information and a quotation by simply completing the form under "Location and Contacts", or alternatively call 0121 349235.

Sale of stone panels in the province of Turin

One of the areas of expertise of Italian Stone in Bricherasio is the manufacturing and selling of pre-worked stone panels for both interior and exterior use. Our catalogue is full of options to meet the needs of every customer.

These stone panels, which serve as wall cladding of all types, are easily applied to every surface. The outdoor materials include yellow, gray and black quartzite, black and multicolored slate, white marble, quartzite, mint and so on. Indoor materials include multicolored slate lining, yellow and gray luserna stone, green and yellow quartzite, and black slate.
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Who would have thought that a simple stone can give rise to such complex works of art? Call +39 0121 349294 for more information.

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