Stone flooring

Sale of floor coverings and stone flooring in Bricherasio

The Italian Stone company in Bricherasio, in the Province of Turin, also offers a wide range of solutions for stone flooring. There are squares for example, stone slabs suitable for pavement, with a thickness varying from 3 to 8 cm. Size from 40 to 80 cm are available. These create the idea of a virtually eternal pavement. The ancient Roman streets are back. The matching of various measures creates a beautiful optical effect. They are used for driveways, courtyards, and town squares.
Pavimento per esterni in pietra

Mosaic flooring

Another one of the solutions that are available, are mosaic flooring, also called opus incertum. This flooring consists of sheets that are anywhere from 1 and 3 cm thick. The sizes vary tremendously as the individual stones are irregular in shape. By combining the various pieces wisely, you end up with a highly resilient, durable, and reliable floor. Here are some examples of the stone flooring offered by Italian Stone.
pavimento  in pietra in una piazza
Flooring made with Luserna stone squares
sentiero in pietra
Another example of how square pieces of Luserna Stone can be used effectively.
cancello con pavimento in pietra
Entrance courtyard paved with various sized plates
particolare di un muro in pietra
Luserna Stone Mosaic Floor
particolare di un pavimento in pietra
A particular stone grain called Luserna Blu
Pavimento in pietra naturale
Porphyry also lends itself to mosaic flooring

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